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    We craft high quality app for iOS & OS .

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  2. Hey there!

    We're Emerys.

    A team of one

    Handcrafted apps for iOS and OS X.

    We create fun, easy to use and powerful apps for iOS and OS X. These amazing little apps are handcrafted and developed by Anthony Castelli. We love software and we hope that the love we have can be shared through our apps.

    Still in high school, Anthony began to work on his dream, creating his own company. Sketching out logos and coming up with names, nothing really stuck out. During this time, Anthony began sketching out ideas for his first app. Anthony knew he wanted something that was different, but had the simplicity that everyone loves. Christmas Eve of 2012, Emerys was born. After a coming up with dozens of names, Emerys stuck. It was something simple and easy to remember. In march of 2013, we launched our first app, Desktoply.

    I love developing and designing apps. I spend all my time working on new ideas!

    -- Anthony Castelli, Emerys CEO
  3. SimplyWeather

    The latest app to our collection

    SimplyWeather conveniently puts the weather in your mac's status bar. Quickly glance up and look at the current temperature outside. Click on it to get a more detailed view of what the current conditions are and what the next four days will be. Hover you mouse over the information to get a quick forecast of today or the next four days. The goal for this project was to make a much simpler way of getting the current weather. Dashboard has always had a widget for it, but I always found it a pain to have to view the weather. SimplyWeather makes it much easier to access that data.

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  4. Featured Blog Post

    Dayspring for Mac

    Dayspring for mac is an RSS reader for mac focused on usability and simplicity.

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